Friday, November 16, 2012

How to use a hair stick

 I have been hearing this question since a while now. How do you do your hair in your pictures. Well it is a top secret. No actually not... I love hair style everybody can do. Even a 10 years old should be able to do it. It should not be a rocket science to do a lovely hair with a product you have bought. So i keep doing this simple kind of hair in my pictures. A simple braid bun. A very simple one, if you know how to do a braid.

 1- Drive you hair in tree part and start to braid your hair.

2- Keep braiding.....

3- Now start to make a bun with the hair you have braid. Putting your finger in the middle and turning the hair around it helps the hair to have a good shape.

 4- Secure the end of the hair under your bun. This is a important step to keep your hair in shape while using hair stick.

 5- A little of of tidying is also cool. Check of the no access hair around.
 6- Now placing the hair fork. I have already explained in my previous tutorial. In out and in movements keep you stick in your hair securely. So push the hair stick first inwards then outwards and when it is leaving the bun make a inner movement to attach it with the rest of hair. You need to attach the bun with your hair so the last movement is very important.
 And you are done!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

French Chrismas gifts

The Christmas bells are ringing? Not yet... Almost....Well if you are working in a fashion or marketing related job in your mind Christmas is here since summer and you are almost arriving to St Valentines:) I am a late person, not an early bird. My Christmas was in my head since 2 months but could nor arrive to my shop on time. Here is my late French Christmas.
In France how we celebrate the Christmas maybe not so different than yours. But gold and silver is unchangeable. Richness of gold give also a bit of Jazz in the air. Love it!!! I can almost hear Frank Sinatra singing. Well this is my part of Christmas not the French one...