Friday, December 16, 2011

It is not me, fairies did it!

I was in a Christmas market last week. Was it good? I can't say. It was in a giant supermarket, where i don't belong. I have learned quite a bit of marketing, which is ok. No creativity involved. I had loosed all my imagination and need some fresh magic now. I even start to think maybe what i design was not mt imagination, it is fairies who did it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas magical soul with wood carving Santa

21st century is the century of development, surely we have developed a lot with new inventions.Our life become easier however, I believe we had gotten a little bit away from our traditions. Christmas for example seem to lose its magic compare to 19 century and earlier. The image we have of Santa Claus or father Christmas dates back to 19th century to a book called "A New-year's present". In this book a poem mentions a guy travel with reindeers and bringing presents to the children. After this poem the image of Father Christmas become a lovely old guy giving presents and travel with his reindeers.
Father Christmas might be though to originated to Saint Nicholas of Anatolia. A Byzantine monk who gives present to the poor ones. He was represented as a dark middle age man. Some others suggest the Norse god Odin was the origin of Father Christmas and with the Christianization he take his place a s father Christmas.
Whoever he originated father Christmas warms up our hearths in the cold winter days. First, we spend a month or two thinking about our loved one and buy them presents. Then we spend this Gorgeous Christmas holiday with our families. It is a bounding and it is a great way of sharing love.

A member of wood carvers of etsy reflect the warm and lovely face of Father Christmas to wood and then pained softly. The shop is called RWRwoodcarving. Meet Robers, he is a very talented wood carver and one of the member of Woodcarvers of etsy team.
He had Santa Clause and even some cupcakes at his shop and they are all carved by hand and painted for you. You can even have one of his Santa Claus brooches to carry Christmas magic everywhere you go.

Friday, November 25, 2011

French boheme, Boheme and mori girl jewelry

Welcome to the romantic world of French Boheme girl...

All rights reserved by French Boheme. It is forbidden to copy the designs or use photos without permission.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lolita mori girl DIY bow ring

What you need is:
A ring, hot glue gun, scissor and felt.

Cut a piece of felt 4 cm to 3,5 cm and another piece 1 cm to 4 cm.
Tale your bog piece and form a bow (fold it from the middle).Wrap the small piece around the middle of the big piece and hot glue the back part of it.

Then the last part is glue our felt bow to the ring.
Et voila! you have a bow ring.
Black version is very suitable for gothic lolitas. Pink one for sweet lolitas. For mori girl beige or brown fit perfectly.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The ancient Muse mori girl jewelry, The winter woodland

I was working like crazy since few weeks. As Christmas comes I am running everywhere. I have come with some new winter ideas. Meet my new hair accessories and Jack the penguin.
For more info about Jack's life visit my shop please....

All rights reserved by The ancient Muse.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Diy comming out, when?

I have started my DIY projects around September. However because of busy Holiday season I am taking a long break for DIY. However this does not mean I will not continue. I am also starting new DIY group in Bordeaux with Etsy for helping people to create their own style and have fun with creating. January I will continue with my DIYs at the blog. But before Christmas I really wanted to publish a Diy which could be great for Christmas for those mori girls, dolly kei and lolitas.Fingers cross that I will have time for it.
See you soon with new Diy s hopefully!

Friday, November 4, 2011

French Boheme and The Ancient Muse jewelery and accessories

Few days ago I have lunched my second shop on etsy. It is called French Boheme. I had some lace and feather jewelery and accessories at The Ancient Muse which were lost in between my wood work. The style of the shop is shabby chic, Boheme, again mori girl and dolly kei styles. A little touch of vintage flowers and lace is always great to give a magical romantic feeling where you can see it at French Boheme. The name of the shop has two elements. Being in France, using some French materials and being inspired from French Boheme style is the French part. Boheme part is my inspirations especially from Balkans where my family originates. i hope you will enjoy my new style.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A French movie will warm your ears and heart

Vanessa Paradis is one of the singer/actress i really like. She is one of the best representative of Boheme style in her music and style. Few weeks ago she come to the screen with a animastion musical movie called "Un monstre a Paris".
Here is one of the soundtrack of the movie.

You can also see the trailer

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wood hair accessories through ages

Human history had some magnificent jewelry and accessories made from precious metals and stones and bones and antlers. From Japan to Europe women enjoyed adorned their hair with combs, forks and pins. Still we use hair accessories. But for me wood makes a difference from of those of bone and metals.

When we look at the past wood carving hair forks from Egypt found dated back to 1635-1458 BC.

In Asia and Africa wooden hair accessories was also important for both males and females.

16th 17th century Indian comb:

Angola 19th 20th century

In Europe during many different periods hair forks were important. Here is one from around 1860-1945 René Jules Lalique Paris.

Written by Isil Cayzac
Pictures are from Metropolitan Museum.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Textures of magic from Wiz

I am a big fan of Lord of the rings. Have a great collection of Tolkien books at home. First time I had read The Lord of the Rings Gandalf was one of my favorite character. He was mysterious and magical creature of the dreamy lands of the Middle earth. Few months ago I have met a wood artist on etsy.Actually he is one of my favorite wood artist on etsy. His creations remind me my days reading Tolkien at my corner and imagining about the middle earth. Magical trees, mysterious creatures, stubborn dwarfs and pride elves with happy hobbits and horrifying orks.
The artist I am speaking about is Wiz from The tree wizard shop. He has a fine collection of wood carving objects beyond imagination. Well in my imagination they all look like going out of Tolkien's book.

Some of his designs also remind me pirates. Basically he has something that fits for everyone. He had also go some hearths with warm colors and great textures.I think he had great objects fit as Christmas gifts.

You can find his shop here:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deer and tree hair fork and folk stories

I realized I was Gothic when I was 16. It was not very shocking I always liked Gothic art and collected creepy things. I had also collected traditional clothes from Balkan countries. I also had a passion to wear folk styles. So my style become Gothic Balkan clothes. It is very funny but it is like an addiction how fun is to wear traditional clothing or costumes from medieval age. When I create my design i try to imagine I create a jewelry or an accessory for a fairy, fairy tale character or a mythological character. By wearing what i design I become one of them hope people shop from me feel the same too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sales Sales %10 off

The first sales of The Ancient Muse. Until 25 October everything is %10 off. Coupon code funfashion.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Love and spoons

A love spoon from Swansea museum (Wales, Uk).

I always find earlier periods more fascinating then now. The Romanticism of 19 century, craziness of 18 century and knight and princess of medieval age is always fun for me. I think love was also more romantic at those periods. I am sure you might feel the same way I do while watching a period movie. One of the elements which makes a story interesting for me is all those manners and formalizes. Although they sometimes seem ridiculous they seem like a cute play for love.

One of these little formalities which come to our time is Love Spoons. “It was customary, between the 17th and 19th centuries in Wales, for a man who was courting a woman to carve a wooden love spoon for her. Early examples, dating from the 18th century, were copies of the metal spoons used by the wealthy landowners. As the tradition evolved, young men carved ever more elaborate designs into the spoon handles. The intricacy of the designs demonstrated not only the skill of the carver but also the strength of his love. This handle fragment is made up of three elements, chain links denoting captured love, the flower signifying courtship and the single heart questioning the possibility of courtship. As with many customs the original utilitarian use has been superseded, until today love spoons serve a purely decorative purpose. This love spoon is one of a number given to the Royal Institution of South Wales”(Anon1).
Nowadays you can find love spoons at many touristic shops in Wales. How do I know? I lived two years in Cardiff and get fascinated each time I see them. They are really meaningful objects to place on your wall or give to your beloved ones. Especially if you buy it handmade.
At this point I would like to mentioned about Bob. He is one of wood carvers of etsy member and he has some gorgeous items in his shop. While I was looking at his blog I saw his article about love spoons. He had created some painted ones which I find really original for color lovers. He has also some other objects such as hand carved Santas and wood spirits and spoons. His spoons would have been decorations for Hobbit houses i guess. So lovely and so forest like...

Please visit his shop at
If you would like to create your dreams spoons and love spoons he is also offering custom designs. These are objects goes through ages like the ones in the museums.

And follow his blog

For more about wood carvers of etsy please have a visit to our team here:

Anon 1

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New creations witch wizard academy and brooches

When I was younger i wanted to be a wizard. Then I have learned it was not possible because there was no academy to go. Then I grow up and Harry Potter came up. To tell the truth I was never fan of Harry Potter. I did not read the books and only enjoyed the first movie. My hero wizard is Gandalf as I am a huge fan of Lord of the rings (read all the books of JRR Tolkien). So few days ago I was thinking about what to design for Halloween, I could not come with something new (for me it is not a special day as everyday is Halloween for me). So I started to think about others and started to think about what if there was a Gothic school like only Gothic people could go would not be fun? Well it will be Halloween everyday for sure:D Then I decided to make a school uniform idea for the school and here we are with another version of my witch of hope necklace.
Meet with my little swan and also seahorse brooches. They are also some of my new works.

All rights reserved...

Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Mori girl lace head band

This is my second DIY project this week. I am quite bust with work so I will show you something really fast and lovely: a lace headband. You will need:
1) 50 cm Lace.
2) Hot glue gun
3) Ribbon

First try and see how the lace fit your head. how much you will need to use ribbon. Then cut four pieces of rectangular pieces from your felt. Cut two pieces of desired lenght of ribbon. Then you will need to make your lace and ribbon into a sandwich with felt lol:) First your felt than lace then ribbon and then felt again. Then glue all of then together with glue gun. The do the same thing to the other side of the lace. Et voila ! You have a lace head band. It will fit your romantic summer look or even fresh autumn or spring look.

For dolly kei girls: Try some folk ribbons with the lace or you can add some flowers for folksy look.
For lolitas: Try some bows along the edges and with a different kind of lace you can really create a rococo look.

If you try this please send me your pics. I am quite curious to see your versions:D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mori girl jewelery, What kind of girl are you?

A French chic, a folksy girl, love Japanese style or a sailor, maybe a rococo lover but a winter girl...Whatever you are there can be someone like you in this collection.
The Ancient Muse girl collection...
I had a lot of fun creating these girls. Hope you will find them fun too.