Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas magical soul with wood carving Santa

21st century is the century of development, surely we have developed a lot with new inventions.Our life become easier however, I believe we had gotten a little bit away from our traditions. Christmas for example seem to lose its magic compare to 19 century and earlier. The image we have of Santa Claus or father Christmas dates back to 19th century to a book called "A New-year's present". In this book a poem mentions a guy travel with reindeers and bringing presents to the children. After this poem the image of Father Christmas become a lovely old guy giving presents and travel with his reindeers.
Father Christmas might be though to originated to Saint Nicholas of Anatolia. A Byzantine monk who gives present to the poor ones. He was represented as a dark middle age man. Some others suggest the Norse god Odin was the origin of Father Christmas and with the Christianization he take his place a s father Christmas.
Whoever he originated father Christmas warms up our hearths in the cold winter days. First, we spend a month or two thinking about our loved one and buy them presents. Then we spend this Gorgeous Christmas holiday with our families. It is a bounding and it is a great way of sharing love.

A member of wood carvers of etsy reflect the warm and lovely face of Father Christmas to wood and then pained softly. The shop is called RWRwoodcarving. Meet Robers, he is a very talented wood carver and one of the member of Woodcarvers of etsy team.
He had Santa Clause and even some cupcakes at his shop and they are all carved by hand and painted for you. You can even have one of his Santa Claus brooches to carry Christmas magic everywhere you go.