Sunday, November 24, 2013

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Autumn Sun

İt is warming though it is cold outside. Living in an open space is great to feel how the real seasons are. Like this we can celebrate each season as it is. I have learned many things from others too in this way. Each time September there is a cooling time and then it gets very hot and people in Turkey call it 'Pastrami hot'.  Well it is strange but they call it this way because it is to dry pastrami. I also remember my grandmothers vineyard. İn September the grapes were picked up and then some of them was to left dry in this season.

What a lovely climate is Mediterranean is...


Cocobolo bracelet and ring.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

London mood

London Photograph, Westminster, Big Ben, Victorian Lamp Post, Bridge,...

London Photography, Regent Street, Muted Colors, Urban Art Print, Car...

tea party

Romeo and Juliet winter christmas Gold plated by theancientmuse

Winter poem olive wood yellow prune flower by theancientmuse

The queen black ebony wood gold plated ring by theancientmuse

Russian ballet wedding prom prune gold plated by theancientmuse

A walk in London white brown Snake wood hair by theancientmuse

once upon a time victorian gothic red orange by theancientmuse

Tea with Alice wedding prom gold plated flowers by theancientmuse

Vampire kiss halloween walnut bat carved brown by theancientmuse

Rooftops by Tamaralich on Etsy

Friday, August 9, 2013

Japanese inspred hair comb

I was highly inspired mori girls and natural feeling these days.... Letting you with a super cute band:)




Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Ancient Muse autumn hair accessories for back to school

New season is coming even though the weather is super hot and summer is in its peak we always think foreward right?
ebony butterfly stick

gothic brass cross

As you might also realize this year punk+rock fashion will be big in winter. Many designers working on this for autumn winter collection. I am loving it.

Mango has this outfit i quite like for this autumn as a comfortable outfit.

Blazer from Mango

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rose water and rose oil for natural anti aging

Time is ticking for sure and wrinkles and aging is one of the fearing fact. Scientists are working hard for anti-aging staff. Every day there is something new and some of those products loose their popularity. But there are also some products been used thousands of years and they never loose their importance. Rose, as plant is inside many anti-wrinkle products these days, i am seeing rose hip oil everywhere.
I was born in mediterranean culture and women of my family and around use rose water very regulary on their face as a tonic. I did not use it back then but this year as i am in search of some face products i give it a go. So i go lo local bio/organic shop and bough rosewater from florame. Basically it is pure rose water mothing fancy. It's smell is very sweet and pleasant and the feeling it leaves on the skin is also very soft. I feel my skin is like baby skin. So i use it every morning and evening since 2 weeks. My skin imporved quite a lot. But this is not the only thing i am using.

Second thing i started to use rosier muscat- rose hip oil.  The one i bough is from De Saint Hilaire. It is also just natural rose hip oil. I apply it after the rose water drys on my face. A little bit goes long way and it works great around the eyes. I feel they both work very well for eye wringles and softening the skin and elasticity.

 I wanted to share my experience with you as they worked well for me.
Will come up with some serious Asian make up rewiews;)
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