Friday, November 16, 2012

How to use a hair stick

 I have been hearing this question since a while now. How do you do your hair in your pictures. Well it is a top secret. No actually not... I love hair style everybody can do. Even a 10 years old should be able to do it. It should not be a rocket science to do a lovely hair with a product you have bought. So i keep doing this simple kind of hair in my pictures. A simple braid bun. A very simple one, if you know how to do a braid.

 1- Drive you hair in tree part and start to braid your hair.

2- Keep braiding.....

3- Now start to make a bun with the hair you have braid. Putting your finger in the middle and turning the hair around it helps the hair to have a good shape.

 4- Secure the end of the hair under your bun. This is a important step to keep your hair in shape while using hair stick.

 5- A little of of tidying is also cool. Check of the no access hair around.
 6- Now placing the hair fork. I have already explained in my previous tutorial. In out and in movements keep you stick in your hair securely. So push the hair stick first inwards then outwards and when it is leaving the bun make a inner movement to attach it with the rest of hair. You need to attach the bun with your hair so the last movement is very important.
 And you are done!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

French Chrismas gifts

The Christmas bells are ringing? Not yet... Almost....Well if you are working in a fashion or marketing related job in your mind Christmas is here since summer and you are almost arriving to St Valentines:) I am a late person, not an early bird. My Christmas was in my head since 2 months but could nor arrive to my shop on time. Here is my late French Christmas.
In France how we celebrate the Christmas maybe not so different than yours. But gold and silver is unchangeable. Richness of gold give also a bit of Jazz in the air. Love it!!! I can almost hear Frank Sinatra singing. Well this is my part of Christmas not the French one...


Monday, September 10, 2012

How to use a half circle hair fork

1- Start to make a bun
2- Now you have a bun. As you can see as your bun rolls it divide into 2 sections.
1st and 2nd parts. Be careful to them Because when you are placing any hair sticks in your hair it is important to secure both sides with your hair accessory. Other way the stick will fall down. 

3- Now take your stick and push it to the 1st part of the bun.

4- Next thing is to push the stick horizontally until it reach the level of the second part of the bun.

 5- Now the 3rd movement. Push the stick to the second part of your bun. The tip of the stick will go out of the bun.  Then move the stick to your preferred position and done.
You can try this with different lengths of hair and different styles of hair.

If your hair is still unstable try to pick up some of your side hair  with your stick after the last movement. That will secure the stick.

There is no only way of making your hair. The best is to find out your own way but hope this will be a nice starter.

All rights reserved by The Ancient Muse.

Friday, August 31, 2012


Since a while i have abounded the idea of wearing jeans. The reason was them not being elegant. While wondering around with my shopping craving I have rediscovered the fun of denim. The blue and from -Not elegant- i have arrive to -The wild one-.
It is true that jean is a piece of American heritage and mountains, lakes, desserts, valleys, everything which is endless and big. I was thinking about all of these and this new design had pop up like a flower in my mind. Here is the blue of the sky, lakes and everything endless and the clear of leather, nature and rustic. A new hair fork- A denim indian.....

The denim

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day dreaming of 18 century

Who want to be in a dream with pastel colors, angels, French cakes, fairy tale ball clothes and giant wigs. Ok maybe there were some slight problems of lack of toilets and bathrooms but don't worry you will have French perfumes to cover the smell. You know what i am speaking about right? Time travel or dreaming about French Rococo.

There are few things i am obsessed in this life. Tea, chocolate, Alexandre Dumas, and Moliere and Lully. I know you know tea and chocolate and maybe Alexandre Dumas and Moliere but Lully is less.
I grow up reading Moliere theaters like watching soap opera.His own life was a like a black comedy though, he wanted to write tragedies and including his own death his life made people laugh. He dies when he was playing "Le Malade Imaginaire " while playing someone who imagine sickness. He had tuberculosis and started to cough people though his acting was very good, so real. But he died in few hours without receiving any priest.
 Jean Baptiste Lully was an Italian composer started to work as a dancer for 14th Lully and soon he become one of the establisher of French opera. He has some gossips about him being in love with the king even a French film "Le rois dance". What interests me is his compositions and hid collaborations with Moliere. Together they have created a new form com├ędie-ballet combination of theather (comedy) and ballet.
One of the example is Le bourgeois gentilhomme. Which brings you a love story a comedy about a men desperately trying to look rich, Turks, Spanish and Italian people. What can be more amusing than colors and comedy.
The video above is Jordi Savall a very respected musician and his band playing one of Lully pieces i think it is from Le bourgeois gentilhomme. Hope you will enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interview with Miss Babacilu jewelry purely romantic elegant and feminine jewelry inside and endless tea party

"Life is an endless tea party" written at her banner with a manner of regency and Victorian women. Indeed dear darlings life without tea parties is not a life perhaps, no laughers no girly talk and no cakes, it is miserable and lonely...
Miss B is a delicate lady from Romania who offers her unique and lovely designs. First time i have met with my friend Miss B i was delighted how soft and romantic her jewelry palette is. Just for a truly romantic girl! There are so many things to ask her from her style to stories behind her creations and little profile photo. Hmmm Lets start maybe?

First question is about inspirations, Miss B where your enchanting inspiration comes from?

I would say everywhere, but to be honest, the things that fascinate me the most are very close details of nature's wonders, like spider's webs with morning due, sea side images, butterflies in their flight or set on flowers, but also details of embroider on clothing or drapes or mixes of colors. I really can't spent a day without thinking about fashion, about shoes and bags, costume jewelry and great brands with fantastic manufactured products.

This is how i choose the style of a piece, shapes, beads but the whole picture always must pass one inspiration filter, and that is picturing in my mind a lady wearing the piece, beautifully dresses and holding a cup of tea, as the miss in my logo does. 

Second question is also something i wonder. Well It is true that you also have a lady holding a cup of tea in her hand on your profile picture. What is the story of it?

This is a long story : ) Or not so long. The logo it was made by the wonderful Gabriela Iancu ( ) who understood perfectly what i wanted. I spent a couple of months drawing silhouettes holding a cup of tea, having this big bun ( I myself tend to wrap my hair like this, when i get very focused on my work ).

The idea behind this miss holding the tea cup is to express in one simple image an extremely exquisite gesture, this has a sort of nobility for me, a graceful impression. It is actually inspired by my grandmother who, although has been a tailor all her life, working in a factory, not very rich or with any noble background ( only with a huge tailor history in the family ), besides having a fantastic sense of fashion, always hold the tea cup with her middle finger in her hand and eats and drinks with such a grace that to me can only be the grace of a princess. 

 One of the things i love so much her style is because her design suits my historical fashion sense (18th 19 century) too. Her pieces can easily fit a regency dress or a Victorian one. Plus they are also contemporary so they will go everywhere with you basically. They are also so perfect to make simple clothing look so chic. They fit so many style actually.

Well this was my idea about her jewelry fashion.What about Miss B? Can you tell us about your style, your fashion sense? The style you want create with your jewelry.

If I think about my style, the way I dress and the clothing I imagine suitable to be worn with my jewelry than i can tell you i dress quite simple, mostly colors blocks though i really love floral patterns and dots ( i have a huge passion for dotted patterns ). My pieces are mostly every day wear accessories, so they go perfect with simple outfits but also with patterned clothing or more precious dresses with ruffles, drapes, or ribbons. For the statement pieces i recommend more simple clothes, without ruffles or other dress adornments.

As i told you, most of my clothes are simple, the tops are always one or two colors ( oh and have i mentioned how much i love cardigans? : ) because beside the simple every day jewelry i always like to add something that catches the eye - big flowers in my hair or as brooches, one big ring or a statement necklace or lots of simple bracelets on one arm.

What about the musicians, fashion, artists inspires you?

As i mentioned before I am greatly inspired by the high fashion in it's precious details, but also by costumes from past times eras, they are so detailed, they all seem works or art. Music always helped me add a sense of modernity to my pieces, because i love the Italian wave of nu jazz, and Brazilian jazzy vibes, the kind of music one can often hear on Fashion TV. Sometimes I listen to classic guitar while creating, there's a sort of delicacy in most of the plays that make me spend sleepless nights thinking how could i add that kind of exquisite, delicate, vaporous filling to my designs.

What about your free times? Little secret gossip:D What occupies you other than your designs?

Apart from creating my pieces, I'm learning for my MA studies, and trying to catch up with this wonderful think that online and social media is. And pinning and reading and baking : ) 

Baking!!! She is a perfect romantic girl!!! Wonder how  delicious things she is baking!!!

Lastly, What would you tell us about yourself more?

I would say that although I am Miss B and Miss B is me, more than the current pieces I am selling, in my mind there are thousands of fascinating designs, statement pieces that I will soon make. I took me a couple of years to realize it but I think fashion jewelry is the most amazing think i could have ever created. The ability of designing and working a piece which makes a lady feel beautiful, creating adornments for ladies all over the world is a blessing and a fantastic joy!

Our lovely interview finished her but if you would like to join =>Life's endless Tea Party with Miss B

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Made beautiful by Mada folk and boho decorations and jewelry from poland

I don't know if any of you been to beautiful Poland? I have been and it was a wedding of a Polish friend. What a beautiful country and people. I did not wanted to leave (my real feelings). Actually not only mine also 19 century Pianist Chopin had the same feelings when he had to leave Poland and move to France (lol i am in France too). Poland is really magical and it has this folk atmosphere in its every corner it is so cool. It is a country you can hunt fairy tales while walking in the streets.
Since I am on etsy i made a lot of friends and one my my lovely friend is Mada. A super sympathetic and talented artist from Poland. Her creations represent Poland in my mind. She is using Polish folk art motifs and  very beautiful carefully selected beads.Plus she is not only making jewelry you can find Folk and boho coasters to decorate your house.

You can also fin her
At facebook and follow her on her blog

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A ptrotest to resellers

Hello everyone,

Few days ago etsy had featured a seller whom then after proved to be a reseller on regretsy. She was a beautiful lady with lovely nails all done...I have many friends on etsy who really work with their sweat and even spearing some time from their family. They do their craft and their body is hardly damaged. I am 26 and my hands look way older than they should be.
This is a picture of my hand cleaned very well normally i have huge amount of varnish marks too. Nails never long...
Being a real crafter is hard yes but we have hope to be appreciated this keep us going on. However pricing resellers is like a big joke. Not only for buyers but also people who really craft those work. Who knows them, they are nameless and it is shameful. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shinizi Katoh designs

From the first day until now my eyes could not believe how cure really are all the things from Shinizi Katoh designs. I am happy that i am not living in Japan (i would but everything). While it is difficult to shop online with yen the shop is quite amazing.

A tea time with alternative fashion

 Shop glazed Over

Etsy is home to thousands of wonderful objects and working at a site like this is not easy for my budged. Everyone had their weak spots, for me,  i have a lot but one of them is ceramics. It all started with my aunt start collecting mugs and cups from all the countries she visits and drink her morning coffee with one of them and then afternoon tea with another...That give envy to all of us, so I have started mine (but still have my eye on her mugs) .
As an alternative fashion person i am not easy on ceramics neither, I love Gothic, Victorian and Japanese styles and sometimes Manga designs. I also love illustrations too. Here some of the shops catch my eyes on etsy...

So cute cant resist

 Shop Julia Davey ceramics

I was looking on etsy and come across with this shop. Wow i was quite amazed by the originality and all the is really cool...

For those who want to know more about the shop.

Here is the link


Shop Liz Ulin

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dreaming with poets...

Dreaming with poets... How many poems steal your heart and never gave it back? There are some for me very Romantic and full of emotions. Emotions like rivers flowing into the oceans while the pencils make a moment eternal.

How a girl living with poem is:


Monday, April 16, 2012

Give away moving to the host blog

Hello everyone,
Few days ago i have meet with a lovely lady from to sew with love blog and we have decided to move the giveaway to her blog. People who are already registered is automatically registered to giveaway with her too. Thank you for your understanding.
For more info

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mori girl French boho Winter give away

Winter season give away has just started in French Boheme!!! Two of my lovely designs
will be given to two lucky person.
The rules are easy,
1) Like my face book page.
2) To to my blog and like and comment my blog saying you would like to enter the give away and which object you like the most.

When we reach 50 person I will draw lots for two candidates.

See you soon with French Boheme!

For more information about the objects

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saint Emilion the paradise of French wine

Bordeaux is famous with it's wine heritage. Wine castles and vineyards are almost everywhere in the region. What is more pleasant than coming to Bordeaux if you are a wine lover? There is one more thing which is more pleasant, Going to Saint Emilion. I am almost addicted to this little village near Bordeaux. It is a very famous wine village but this is not the only thing which makes this little village interesting. All of the village looks like time has stopped in the past. All of the houses are stone and a very beautiful Romanesque church stands with its all magic and welcome the visitors. Speaking is nice but Pictures will tell you mote about it!