Thursday, April 26, 2012

Made beautiful by Mada folk and boho decorations and jewelry from poland

I don't know if any of you been to beautiful Poland? I have been and it was a wedding of a Polish friend. What a beautiful country and people. I did not wanted to leave (my real feelings). Actually not only mine also 19 century Pianist Chopin had the same feelings when he had to leave Poland and move to France (lol i am in France too). Poland is really magical and it has this folk atmosphere in its every corner it is so cool. It is a country you can hunt fairy tales while walking in the streets.
Since I am on etsy i made a lot of friends and one my my lovely friend is Mada. A super sympathetic and talented artist from Poland. Her creations represent Poland in my mind. She is using Polish folk art motifs and  very beautiful carefully selected beads.Plus she is not only making jewelry you can find Folk and boho coasters to decorate your house.

You can also fin her
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