Saturday, August 15, 2015

Şirince- the cute village in Turkey

If you have ever been to İzmir (Turkey) you might have been to Kuşadası where one of the wonders of the world is located, The temple of Artemis.  I will talk about it at another blog-post. But my topic at this blog-post is Şirince. It become extremely popular in recent years. The meaning of Şirince is cute, so it is a cute village. What else, it has local handcrafted shops all over and it is also famous for its wines.There is a church constructed with tiles is located at the village and local houses constructed with traditional regional style.

You can find local herbs for healing, Turkish people loves herbal healing and it is nice to ask sellers what these herbs are good for. There are crafts shops and benches selling handmade items. Oh and food, you can taste local food. I suggest trying Keşkek, barley cooked with chicken or Turkish ravioli with yogurt sauce.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gemstone hair fork hair combs and bangle

I have new inspirations this year. Wood combinations with gemstones and gold is a new adventure. The rose wood bangle i created has a moon stone on it. It is an amazing stone, shines different when light changes. And it is carved into the wood on a bed of gold leaf. It gives a very chic elegance.

Geometric hair fork /hair comb has an Iranian turquoise. Iranian turquoise is a bit different than common turquoise. It came from deeper in ground.

The pink ivory wood hair fork has a coral fossil on it. It is amazing how is had degrading colors and flower like patter.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Istanbul, inspirations from an exotic wonder

Istanbul is surely one of the most exotic places on this planet. It has everything, Mosques to Churches, modern to ancient...We have made a trip to there last summer and i did not have time to share it but slowly i will.

Here is Galata tower and Bosphorus. It has an amazing view when you go up to the Galata tower. Magical, İt has a round terrace where you can see the view from all angles.

Here there is Sultan Ahmet which gave me some inspiration and my horse hair fork. Honestly, Sultan Ahmet has many wonders but you must wake up early like 5 am or wait the sunset and watch all the magical buildings changes by light.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Elegant gold hair accessories, headbands fit for first date to night out

Elegant gold hair accessories, headbands fit for first date to night out

Elegant gold hair accessories, headbands fit for first date to night out. That is very hard to decide what to wear for an important event. First dates and
A very simple hair piece change everything. Butterfly hairband

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gold flower locket, romantic girl

The Ancient Muse new collection this year have new ideas for romantic jewelry and accessories. I wanted some  jewelry which can be used both at night and day. I like how these ended up, which are perfect pieces for a romantic girl.