Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Archaeological things

It has been long time since my last post. Turkish goveremnt decided to close paypal in Turkey and The Ancient Muse has ended. But new stories will begin. I am back to archaeology which is really amazing. And The Ancient Muse will become and experimental archaeology project soon.

I let you with my photos from the ancient city of Teos.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Oriental hair fork

I love oriental influences on my pieces. It is like traveling to far and magical lands. Like in 1001 night tales or traveling with flying carpet. Turkey is a country east meet west. Although big cities are highly European and modern still you can find traditions and deep culture also very deep folk cultures. Sometimes these traditions are originated to Central Asia, Middle East or even Roman and Ancient Greek traditions. Here is a hair fork inspired by my inspirations in Turkey.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Etsy featured artist and wood carving

Yesterday İ was featured on Etsy blog as a featured artist. 
It is very exiting, because finally i have chance to show how i work and the story behind my designs to a large number of people.I hope you can share the excitement with me. Here are some photos from my workshop.

I would like to introduce you to some of my woods as well. Those are natural woods with naturally colored that way. No painting. They are very magical as some of them start their journey gray and change their by time. Such as purple heartwood.

Friday, February 19, 2016

golden non alcholoic coctail

The world is changing and as it changes we have friends and family members with different tastes. Everyday more and more veterinarians and non alcohol drinkers come to our tables. Especially when we are giving a party it is always better to prepare something for everyone. I am not a good cocktail maker, actuality quite new to this. I discover this recipe while i was traveling. I have been to a restaurant and they serve me a cup of water with orange slices inside next to my coffee. I loved the idea and try with my spring water and apple drink.

So this recipe is very simple.  All you need a fruit, ı choose berries but you can go for anything. Mineral water and a juice of your choice. Mix your juice and mineral water and add your fruit to decorate. What happens is that by time the fruit also give its taste to the mixture and it is quite enjoyable and refreshing. 

Bon appetit:D

How to rock a white T-shirts and etsy designers

We all have white t-shirts. I love them. White looks clean, neat and elegant. But if you wear a white T-shirt only, it looks boring. Sometimes with simple earrings and a necklace we can rock a simple shirt so damn good.
So, recently i am working on these very simple medieval inspired necklaces with gold details to rock simple clothing.

Also you can use big earrings. Wood gives a natural feeling but also metal earrings work. Like with these olive wood earrings you can rock  your style.

Finally, you need clothes to rock your style right? I love unique T shirts very much. I have looked at etsy to find out what etsy designers offers.

Makemaketess wolf T shirt

For a humor style Spara Fauri Golden retriever T shirt

Whatever you wear just enjoy your own style and rock it uniquely. We are all gorgeous.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Turquoise hair fork hair comb

I have been experimenting with stones. I find them magical. When i was living in UK i use to buy Chrystal and stone books and go to the stone shops  to buy stones and speak with the sellers. Then in Turkey i have met experts who had studied stones in the University and travel around the world to search great stones. This stone is bought from expert shop. And the wood is a precious wood use for making jewelry. The story behind this product is just the universe. When ı look at gold leaves and black and blue i see the universe and our world. It is kind of inspired from medieval maps or magical lost maps.