Friday, February 19, 2016

golden non alcholoic coctail

The world is changing and as it changes we have friends and family members with different tastes. Everyday more and more veterinarians and non alcohol drinkers come to our tables. Especially when we are giving a party it is always better to prepare something for everyone. I am not a good cocktail maker, actuality quite new to this. I discover this recipe while i was traveling. I have been to a restaurant and they serve me a cup of water with orange slices inside next to my coffee. I loved the idea and try with my spring water and apple drink.

So this recipe is very simple.  All you need a fruit, ı choose berries but you can go for anything. Mineral water and a juice of your choice. Mix your juice and mineral water and add your fruit to decorate. What happens is that by time the fruit also give its taste to the mixture and it is quite enjoyable and refreshing. 

Bon appetit:D