Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New creations witch wizard academy and brooches

When I was younger i wanted to be a wizard. Then I have learned it was not possible because there was no academy to go. Then I grow up and Harry Potter came up. To tell the truth I was never fan of Harry Potter. I did not read the books and only enjoyed the first movie. My hero wizard is Gandalf as I am a huge fan of Lord of the rings (read all the books of JRR Tolkien). So few days ago I was thinking about what to design for Halloween, I could not come with something new (for me it is not a special day as everyday is Halloween for me). So I started to think about others and started to think about what if there was a Gothic school like only Gothic people could go would not be fun? Well it will be Halloween everyday for sure:D Then I decided to make a school uniform idea for the school and here we are with another version of my witch of hope necklace.
Meet with my little swan and also seahorse brooches. They are also some of my new works.

All rights reserved...

Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Mori girl lace head band

This is my second DIY project this week. I am quite bust with work so I will show you something really fast and lovely: a lace headband. You will need:
1) 50 cm Lace.
2) Hot glue gun
3) Ribbon

First try and see how the lace fit your head. how much you will need to use ribbon. Then cut four pieces of rectangular pieces from your felt. Cut two pieces of desired lenght of ribbon. Then you will need to make your lace and ribbon into a sandwich with felt lol:) First your felt than lace then ribbon and then felt again. Then glue all of then together with glue gun. The do the same thing to the other side of the lace. Et voila ! You have a lace head band. It will fit your romantic summer look or even fresh autumn or spring look.

For dolly kei girls: Try some folk ribbons with the lace or you can add some flowers for folksy look.
For lolitas: Try some bows along the edges and with a different kind of lace you can really create a rococo look.

If you try this please send me your pics. I am quite curious to see your versions:D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mori girl jewelery, What kind of girl are you?

A French chic, a folksy girl, love Japanese style or a sailor, maybe a rococo lover but a winter girl...Whatever you are there can be someone like you in this collection.
The Ancient Muse girl collection...
I had a lot of fun creating these girls. Hope you will find them fun too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Gothic lolita, dark dolly kei notebook

I have a a lot of sketches and I want to keep a little notebook with me when I want to design something or take a note. I did not wanted to have something simple fancy one are also expensive. So I decided to do my own like this I can have my style and the kind of paper I like. I did not wanted to use white sheets I wanted colorful ones to keep in funny in the inside and I used read a thick sheet for keep it Gothic in the outside.
Basic materials I used:

+Colorful sheets of paper
+A thick sheet of paper
+Hot glue gun
+Fake blue roses
+Black ribbon
+Black lace
+Old stamps

First I fold my papers into four and make two holes on the edge. Be careful to make the holes at the same place on each paper otherwise your notebook will not be stable.

Then I cut my thick paper at the same size of my sheets and make holes at the same level of the other sheets.
I used my ribbon and make it go through holes and tie it.

You have finished the base of the notebook. Now you can decorate it how you want. You can paste some autumn leaves on it and give it a natural look, You can even glue some mose It can be very mori girl. You can glue vintage ribbons and try flowers it can give a dolly kei look. You can get inspired from deco den and get your sweet Lolita look. I did a French Gothic lolita,style cover.

Basically I have burned a little bit my sheets and stamps. Be careful paper can take fire easily. I stick a piece of felt ribbon and flowers at the edge and my stamps in the middle. Finally a black lace at the very bottom.Then I plaid around and add some pearls and some white lace. Et voila! A Gothic sketchbook/notebook. Now I have something fun in my bag to write my ideas, draw staff...Fun:D

This one does not seem very fancy I could have done more things but I had to finished it for tomorrow. I have an occasion to use it so I did something just come to my mind. Show me yours?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The addictions

I drink a lot of coffee and tea. I have a box (giant box normally for tidying up jars) full of tea and coffees. In France there are tea shops where you can get some teas mixed with different flowers, spices and fruits. I am a big fan of it and I but quite often. Today I have bough some Italian coffee. It smells great and taste good. The only problem is me not good at making a great express. I use a traditional Italian machine to make a giant cup of coffee every morning. So my little cup of coffee might not be so appetizing for you. Anyway here some photos from my Italian coffee day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A little more about The Ancient Muse...

I like to listen music which helps me to journey with my designs. When I am designing something Rococo I love to listen Lully. It helps me travel back in time. But most of my cute creation come in my mind when I am listening metal music. I am a big fan of Finnish metal bands. I still cant understand the reason of this contradiction.
Tell me yours if you have some funny stories:D

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time for Lolitas

I love Japanese mangas and animes. I grow up with them and learn drawing from them basically. One of my favorite anime was The Rose of Versailles. I am not sure if any of you know about it. Basically a girl disguise as a men and became a knight into Marie Antoinette's service. Story goes on with a love story between the main character and her childhood friend and of course all the stormy things happening with French revolution. There were many other animes involving past times and make me wish I could wear like a Rococo girl or a Victorian one in a modern way. Until few years ago I was trying to create my style without knowing it already was a fashion in Japan. "Lolita " fashion style was originated in Japan focusing on using Rococo and Victorian styles in a modern way. Well, this is how i describe it in a very short way. You can realize the length of shirts are shorter than the past periods and they are not very strictly based on corset clothing. But you can still have the lovely layers, bubbling dress and romantic styles. There are few different Lolita styles: Gothic lolita, sweet lolita, Classic lolita, Wa lolita (Kimono style), Princess lolita, Oji lolita (Boyish)... Goes on and on...You choose you wear. There is only one thing I am wondering how this style will change with the audience growing more than their 35s. Lolita fashion in the past was being seen as a teenage style but now I know there are some people alder than 26 wearing this style and It will be gorgeous to see how it grows

Source: Gothic Lolita Bible.