Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time for Lolitas

I love Japanese mangas and animes. I grow up with them and learn drawing from them basically. One of my favorite anime was The Rose of Versailles. I am not sure if any of you know about it. Basically a girl disguise as a men and became a knight into Marie Antoinette's service. Story goes on with a love story between the main character and her childhood friend and of course all the stormy things happening with French revolution. There were many other animes involving past times and make me wish I could wear like a Rococo girl or a Victorian one in a modern way. Until few years ago I was trying to create my style without knowing it already was a fashion in Japan. "Lolita " fashion style was originated in Japan focusing on using Rococo and Victorian styles in a modern way. Well, this is how i describe it in a very short way. You can realize the length of shirts are shorter than the past periods and they are not very strictly based on corset clothing. But you can still have the lovely layers, bubbling dress and romantic styles. There are few different Lolita styles: Gothic lolita, sweet lolita, Classic lolita, Wa lolita (Kimono style), Princess lolita, Oji lolita (Boyish)... Goes on and on...You choose you wear. There is only one thing I am wondering how this style will change with the audience growing more than their 35s. Lolita fashion in the past was being seen as a teenage style but now I know there are some people alder than 26 wearing this style and It will be gorgeous to see how it grows

Source: Gothic Lolita Bible.