Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New creations witch wizard academy and brooches

When I was younger i wanted to be a wizard. Then I have learned it was not possible because there was no academy to go. Then I grow up and Harry Potter came up. To tell the truth I was never fan of Harry Potter. I did not read the books and only enjoyed the first movie. My hero wizard is Gandalf as I am a huge fan of Lord of the rings (read all the books of JRR Tolkien). So few days ago I was thinking about what to design for Halloween, I could not come with something new (for me it is not a special day as everyday is Halloween for me). So I started to think about others and started to think about what if there was a Gothic school like only Gothic people could go would not be fun? Well it will be Halloween everyday for sure:D Then I decided to make a school uniform idea for the school and here we are with another version of my witch of hope necklace.
Meet with my little swan and also seahorse brooches. They are also some of my new works.

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