Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rose water and rose oil for natural anti aging

Time is ticking for sure and wrinkles and aging is one of the fearing fact. Scientists are working hard for anti-aging staff. Every day there is something new and some of those products loose their popularity. But there are also some products been used thousands of years and they never loose their importance. Rose, as plant is inside many anti-wrinkle products these days, i am seeing rose hip oil everywhere.
I was born in mediterranean culture and women of my family and around use rose water very regulary on their face as a tonic. I did not use it back then but this year as i am in search of some face products i give it a go. So i go lo local bio/organic shop and bough rosewater from florame. Basically it is pure rose water mothing fancy. It's smell is very sweet and pleasant and the feeling it leaves on the skin is also very soft. I feel my skin is like baby skin. So i use it every morning and evening since 2 weeks. My skin imporved quite a lot. But this is not the only thing i am using.

Second thing i started to use rosier muscat- rose hip oil.  The one i bough is from De Saint Hilaire. It is also just natural rose hip oil. I apply it after the rose water drys on my face. A little bit goes long way and it works great around the eyes. I feel they both work very well for eye wringles and softening the skin and elasticity.

 I wanted to share my experience with you as they worked well for me.
Will come up with some serious Asian make up rewiews;)
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

coconut butter for healthy hairs

I am not big on any beauty products. basically i have not use any other things than oils since years. This year i realized i have unheathy hair and skin. I am seeing all those girls spending lots of money of beauty products and still not very convice about their functions. Beauty product market is like a sea, fort jumping is like a blind shot. Well i decided i will go though guidence.

Last saturday i was really sad how my hairs look damaged and fuzzy. And i spoke one of my friend. She suggested i try coconut oil on my hair. She has one hair product from Logona hair products. It was a bio/organic product. She gave me some. But i wanted to go further. I had some organic coconut butter at home to. This i bough it for making cosmatics last year. So i have used some part of my hair Logona and some part the basic pure coconut butter. All you need to do is to take some cocobutter in your hand and rub your hand into each other, it mets and them apply it on your hair. Let both overnight on my hair. It kind a bit oily but trust me at this point.
Next morning wash your hair. Et voila! Both of them work super great in my hair! The good part in Logona one is it has some other nice smells with it. So if you don't like cocnut butter smell it smells better. But good thing with coconut butter is that was pure and i know what is inside....

I have used the coconut oil or butter from bio planate. It was from my local bio store.
You can buy logona coconut oil hair baume on amazon.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Modern gothic lolita

Modern gothic lolita

Sleeveless dress
$30 -


Lulu townsend

Wooden jewelry

Lorac makeup

Gorgeous cosmetic

Battenburg Lace Parasol

It cost a furune to style your wardrobe for  lolita fashion.  Some of the brands are quite expensive but do not despaire you can also find cheaper alternative and you can even look very great. A gothic looking dress from new look anly $30. Complet with black shoes and a black back. If you can find a black lace parasol that is your basic need as a gothic person. It will give life to many gothic looks. And some black make up. You are almost there....

Mori girl style 1

Mori girl style 1
Long top
$47 -

Glamorous black lace shirt
$26 -

Bardot summer shorts
$81 -

Kork-Ease clogs shoes

Every fashion has it`s own inspirations, own foundations. Mori girl fashion had it`s from 70's fashions cuts, lots of pastel color and lace. But in the meantime it is a ecological fashion style in it`s backgorund.

So you like mori girl fashion....
As you might know, mori girl started as a Japanese fashion now its here, there everywhere. But where those ladies find their outfits from. Well, basically can be from Japan. But honestly for me it is a bit comlicated to buy clothes from the websites in Japanese or the websites in English from Japan have hight prices. So i decided to go for fashion watch. One of the great thing you can do is to know what you want, then to buy what is suggested to you. If you know about mori girl fashion and your style you can shop from local stores and still create your Mori girl look. But that needs a bit study.

Rule 1- Go for natural colors. This year mustard was in and it is a great color for mori girls, brown, cream are great natural colors. But no black it looks more gothic than mori girl for me. For this summer you have lots of color choices. As long as it looks natural kind a pale or pastel it should work for mori girls.

Rule 2 Look carefully the cuts of the clothing from Mori girls stores or magazines you like. As far as i have marked, long skirts, big cardigans, many things with lace details (not in lace), peter pan colars, ruffle and tulles.