Wednesday, March 6, 2013

coconut butter for healthy hairs

I am not big on any beauty products. basically i have not use any other things than oils since years. This year i realized i have unheathy hair and skin. I am seeing all those girls spending lots of money of beauty products and still not very convice about their functions. Beauty product market is like a sea, fort jumping is like a blind shot. Well i decided i will go though guidence.

Last saturday i was really sad how my hairs look damaged and fuzzy. And i spoke one of my friend. She suggested i try coconut oil on my hair. She has one hair product from Logona hair products. It was a bio/organic product. She gave me some. But i wanted to go further. I had some organic coconut butter at home to. This i bough it for making cosmatics last year. So i have used some part of my hair Logona and some part the basic pure coconut butter. All you need to do is to take some cocobutter in your hand and rub your hand into each other, it mets and them apply it on your hair. Let both overnight on my hair. It kind a bit oily but trust me at this point.
Next morning wash your hair. Et voila! Both of them work super great in my hair! The good part in Logona one is it has some other nice smells with it. So if you don't like cocnut butter smell it smells better. But good thing with coconut butter is that was pure and i know what is inside....

I have used the coconut oil or butter from bio planate. It was from my local bio store.
You can buy logona coconut oil hair baume on amazon.