Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Gothic lolita, dark dolly kei notebook

I have a a lot of sketches and I want to keep a little notebook with me when I want to design something or take a note. I did not wanted to have something simple fancy one are also expensive. So I decided to do my own like this I can have my style and the kind of paper I like. I did not wanted to use white sheets I wanted colorful ones to keep in funny in the inside and I used read a thick sheet for keep it Gothic in the outside.
Basic materials I used:

+Colorful sheets of paper
+A thick sheet of paper
+Hot glue gun
+Fake blue roses
+Black ribbon
+Black lace
+Old stamps

First I fold my papers into four and make two holes on the edge. Be careful to make the holes at the same place on each paper otherwise your notebook will not be stable.

Then I cut my thick paper at the same size of my sheets and make holes at the same level of the other sheets.
I used my ribbon and make it go through holes and tie it.

You have finished the base of the notebook. Now you can decorate it how you want. You can paste some autumn leaves on it and give it a natural look, You can even glue some mose It can be very mori girl. You can glue vintage ribbons and try flowers it can give a dolly kei look. You can get inspired from deco den and get your sweet Lolita look. I did a French Gothic lolita,style cover.

Basically I have burned a little bit my sheets and stamps. Be careful paper can take fire easily. I stick a piece of felt ribbon and flowers at the edge and my stamps in the middle. Finally a black lace at the very bottom.Then I plaid around and add some pearls and some white lace. Et voila! A Gothic sketchbook/notebook. Now I have something fun in my bag to write my ideas, draw staff...Fun:D

This one does not seem very fancy I could have done more things but I had to finished it for tomorrow. I have an occasion to use it so I did something just come to my mind. Show me yours?