Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Mori girl lace head band

This is my second DIY project this week. I am quite bust with work so I will show you something really fast and lovely: a lace headband. You will need:
1) 50 cm Lace.
2) Hot glue gun
3) Ribbon

First try and see how the lace fit your head. how much you will need to use ribbon. Then cut four pieces of rectangular pieces from your felt. Cut two pieces of desired lenght of ribbon. Then you will need to make your lace and ribbon into a sandwich with felt lol:) First your felt than lace then ribbon and then felt again. Then glue all of then together with glue gun. The do the same thing to the other side of the lace. Et voila ! You have a lace head band. It will fit your romantic summer look or even fresh autumn or spring look.

For dolly kei girls: Try some folk ribbons with the lace or you can add some flowers for folksy look.
For lolitas: Try some bows along the edges and with a different kind of lace you can really create a rococo look.

If you try this please send me your pics. I am quite curious to see your versions:D