Friday, October 7, 2011

Love and spoons

A love spoon from Swansea museum (Wales, Uk).

I always find earlier periods more fascinating then now. The Romanticism of 19 century, craziness of 18 century and knight and princess of medieval age is always fun for me. I think love was also more romantic at those periods. I am sure you might feel the same way I do while watching a period movie. One of the elements which makes a story interesting for me is all those manners and formalizes. Although they sometimes seem ridiculous they seem like a cute play for love.

One of these little formalities which come to our time is Love Spoons. “It was customary, between the 17th and 19th centuries in Wales, for a man who was courting a woman to carve a wooden love spoon for her. Early examples, dating from the 18th century, were copies of the metal spoons used by the wealthy landowners. As the tradition evolved, young men carved ever more elaborate designs into the spoon handles. The intricacy of the designs demonstrated not only the skill of the carver but also the strength of his love. This handle fragment is made up of three elements, chain links denoting captured love, the flower signifying courtship and the single heart questioning the possibility of courtship. As with many customs the original utilitarian use has been superseded, until today love spoons serve a purely decorative purpose. This love spoon is one of a number given to the Royal Institution of South Wales”(Anon1).
Nowadays you can find love spoons at many touristic shops in Wales. How do I know? I lived two years in Cardiff and get fascinated each time I see them. They are really meaningful objects to place on your wall or give to your beloved ones. Especially if you buy it handmade.
At this point I would like to mentioned about Bob. He is one of wood carvers of etsy member and he has some gorgeous items in his shop. While I was looking at his blog I saw his article about love spoons. He had created some painted ones which I find really original for color lovers. He has also some other objects such as hand carved Santas and wood spirits and spoons. His spoons would have been decorations for Hobbit houses i guess. So lovely and so forest like...

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If you would like to create your dreams spoons and love spoons he is also offering custom designs. These are objects goes through ages like the ones in the museums.

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