Thursday, October 20, 2011

Textures of magic from Wiz

I am a big fan of Lord of the rings. Have a great collection of Tolkien books at home. First time I had read The Lord of the Rings Gandalf was one of my favorite character. He was mysterious and magical creature of the dreamy lands of the Middle earth. Few months ago I have met a wood artist on etsy.Actually he is one of my favorite wood artist on etsy. His creations remind me my days reading Tolkien at my corner and imagining about the middle earth. Magical trees, mysterious creatures, stubborn dwarfs and pride elves with happy hobbits and horrifying orks.
The artist I am speaking about is Wiz from The tree wizard shop. He has a fine collection of wood carving objects beyond imagination. Well in my imagination they all look like going out of Tolkien's book.

Some of his designs also remind me pirates. Basically he has something that fits for everyone. He had also go some hearths with warm colors and great textures.I think he had great objects fit as Christmas gifts.

You can find his shop here: