Saturday, August 15, 2015

Şirince- the cute village in Turkey

If you have ever been to İzmir (Turkey) you might have been to Kuşadası where one of the wonders of the world is located, The temple of Artemis.  I will talk about it at another blog-post. But my topic at this blog-post is Şirince. It become extremely popular in recent years. The meaning of Şirince is cute, so it is a cute village. What else, it has local handcrafted shops all over and it is also famous for its wines.There is a church constructed with tiles is located at the village and local houses constructed with traditional regional style.

You can find local herbs for healing, Turkish people loves herbal healing and it is nice to ask sellers what these herbs are good for. There are crafts shops and benches selling handmade items. Oh and food, you can taste local food. I suggest trying Keşkek, barley cooked with chicken or Turkish ravioli with yogurt sauce.