Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A tea time with alternative fashion

 Shop glazed Over

Etsy is home to thousands of wonderful objects and working at a site like this is not easy for my budged. Everyone had their weak spots, for me,  i have a lot but one of them is ceramics. It all started with my aunt start collecting mugs and cups from all the countries she visits and drink her morning coffee with one of them and then afternoon tea with another...That give envy to all of us, so I have started mine (but still have my eye on her mugs) .
As an alternative fashion person i am not easy on ceramics neither, I love Gothic, Victorian and Japanese styles and sometimes Manga designs. I also love illustrations too. Here some of the shops catch my eyes on etsy...

So cute cant resist

 Shop Julia Davey ceramics

I was looking on etsy and come across with this shop. Wow i was quite amazed by the originality and all the is really cool...

For those who want to know more about the shop.

Here is the link


Shop Liz Ulin