Monday, September 10, 2012

How to use a half circle hair fork

1- Start to make a bun
2- Now you have a bun. As you can see as your bun rolls it divide into 2 sections.
1st and 2nd parts. Be careful to them Because when you are placing any hair sticks in your hair it is important to secure both sides with your hair accessory. Other way the stick will fall down. 

3- Now take your stick and push it to the 1st part of the bun.

4- Next thing is to push the stick horizontally until it reach the level of the second part of the bun.

 5- Now the 3rd movement. Push the stick to the second part of your bun. The tip of the stick will go out of the bun.  Then move the stick to your preferred position and done.
You can try this with different lengths of hair and different styles of hair.

If your hair is still unstable try to pick up some of your side hair  with your stick after the last movement. That will secure the stick.

There is no only way of making your hair. The best is to find out your own way but hope this will be a nice starter.

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