Monday, August 8, 2011

The blackberry day

I had passed a great week in Pyrenees at a village called Loudenvielle. Camping is always nice without every bust aspect of city life. I did not brought my cam with me so I am waiting my friend barrow me some photos to write a little bit about my holiday.
At my holiday while eating great cheese and cakes I have realized I am a lazy girl who does not cook a lot. When I compare me with my mum who almost bake like she has a bakery I am into minus 100 scale. So I decided I will bake more. Saturday I have bake a pear cake and yesterday we have been to cycling into the forest and collect some blueberries.We have cycled a while and then find some nice spots to collect our blueberries. At the end we had two full boxes of them. Well for us one box had finished just right after we have returned home with fromage blanc and sugar. Soon I will try to bake a blueberry cake. Well lets sea how it will turn out. As I challenge myself lets see what recipes I will try.