Monday, June 6, 2011

What is a Mori girl

There are many descriptions available for Mori girl style but I think too much description kills creativity. Generally Mori in Japanese means forest so, Mori girl means a forest girl. Mori girl is describes as girl who likes forest inspired from European fairy tales and folk style. We can see this style as a folky, dreamy style with soft colors and folk designs. But this is not only thing Mori girl style offers. Recently with older women becoming interested in this style there is an ecological, comfortable and cute aspect of Mori girl is leaping out too. There are many other styles which are related to Mori girl was born too. One of them is Mountain girl style with a bit of mountain touch this style is also inspired from nature.

Here some ideas for a Mori girl,

Choose natural and soft colors, such as white, beige, brown and pastel colors etc.

When you are buying clothes choose natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.

For having more natural look choose materials such as wood, leather, suede and lace etc for your jewelery. This would give you a very romantic look too.

Mori girl is a style highly involved with creativity. So, do your own clothes or jewelery. Keep reading I will post some how to at my blog soon.

Image source: Papier magazine.