Thursday, January 24, 2013

Etsy raffle for the extreme beauty of ordinary days

Hello everyone,

Every ordinary day is pretty and we all risk to lose a loved one....
Lovely items from Sandra
am members who lost her husband to cancer.

It started few months ago not so long ago. She told us her husband was diagnosed as lung cancer. Soon after we had received the bad news. That was really fast. I feel our hands are tied to this cold enemy sometimes. Many of us had lost a member or more to cancer. But as much as the event what is left behind is important. Our friend Sandra lives in Portugal and she has a little son. For those who don't know about the life in south Europe. It is quite hard and as i know social security is not good. Since her husband was ill he could not earn money and she is earning her living from etsy. For those who work on etsy full-time would know how hard to make a living from it. Even as someone sales regularly end of the month with all the taxes and expenses is quite miserable sometimes. So we as europeanstreet team members decided to give her a little push, a little hand to make the living a little bit easier for her and her son for few months. Until they, psychologically ready to face the world.

So we decided a little raffle. Not a simple donation. So by buying tickets you will have chance to win a price. There are more 50 prices. Each tickets cost 5 dollars.
 Tickets can be bought from here

You can also buy something from Sandra. She has very lovely jewellery and homeware.

Here some of the donations.....
I have donated my lovely pink leaf barette.

leaf barette from The ancient muse

Ceramic Lilypad coasters donated by damsontreepottery

Sea urchin ornament donated by GiftsandStars