Wednesday, February 20, 2013

French fashion- the little black dress guide

It has been a while i wanted to talk about French fashion. I work on etsy, it is international and also handmade so the fashion on etsy is always different from what i see in the streets of Bordeaux. But then i realize even the neighbour Spanish has their own picks from fashions trends. So i started to look carefully what are the French women choose from over all Fashion trends.

Black is always in.

"The little black dress" always stays at the top 10 in French women`s wardrobe. Actually not even only one, every year a new one enters the wardrobe. So to dress like French get a black dress. But not an over detailed one. Simple one. We will work on details with jewelry and accessories. Which French women loves and loves. They do not go out without jewelry. Actually this is how they bring color and personality in that simple black dress.

Here is our black dress quite simple and does not have lots of details almost we can say plain. But something like this can be quite handy. Day and night it can take you everywhere just with few change.

 Black dress from River Island
Earrings  missbabacilu etsy
Necklace  from Asos.
This is a quite elegant look and can be cool for both day and night. Christals and pearls are usually the tricks for to brighten up the boring winter. Like Christmas. What we would do without Christmas. As the lights of Christmas warms up our life. Pearls and christals lights up our winter.

What about for those summer and spring days. What we do with out little black dress? Of course it is still in the top for French women. Then we change the jewelry again.

Black dress from River Island 
Necklace from staroftheeast etsy 
Bracelets Fauna Y Flora etsy

Hope you enjoys some French little black dress tips. Soon will be more.....

Have a lovely day!